Personal and Business Funding

Unity Credit Solutions has partnered with CCN to help our clients with financial resources. We know how important it is to become financially secured on a personal and business aspect.

Funding – is the act of providing financial resources in the form of money to finance a need, program or project. Sources of funding include credit, venture capital, merchant cash advances, term loans, conventional, SBA, and grants etc.

Personal Funding – No Upfront Cost. 10% Success Back-End Fee. $15K to $100K Total in personal unsecured lines of credit. We complete and manage all personal credit card applications for you. Approval in as litte 3 weeks. Requirements listed below.

  • Fico Score of 685 or Higher on Equifax, Experian & Transunion
  • Five (5) Open and Current Revolving Accounts 3 Years +
  •  We offer Trade-Lines to help you meet the requirements.
  • No Inquiries
  • Utilization is 0% (Insures Maximum Amount of Funding)

Business Funding – $900 upfront fee. We guarantee $50k up to $500k in business loans. lines of credit and merchant cash advances. This is a six (6) month program where we build your business credit profile as well as complete and manage all business credit loan applications for you. Requirements listed below.

  • Business Registration LLC or Corporation 
  • Physical Address for Business (No Po Box)
  • DUNS Number 
  • Domain Address ( & create at least (1) page website
  • Business Checking Account
  • List Business on 411, Yellow Pages & Super Pages

Disclaimer:  This program is not intended to defraud financial institutions, creditors or other organizations that require your social security number as proof of identity. The information provided is for you to use at your own risk. We are not attorneys neither do we provide legal services.

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Fill out our pre- screening application by clicking the link below and one of our CCN Specialist will contact you.